The LLM stack is slowly emerging

The LLM stack is slowly emerging Python vs JS Langchain or LlamaIndex (which wraps Langchain and then some) Pinecone vs Chroma vs 20 other Vectorstores OpenAI vs Cohere vs Anthropic vs Llama vs StableLM vs Dolly2 vs other LLMs Wondering where to start? If you learn by DOING them: Gregory Kamradt and the good folks at Data Independen...

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Alpaca did LLM drops right

#Alpaca did #LLM drops right ✔️ Abstract gives you simple direct reason to care (davinci-003 locally @ <$600) ✔️ “Paper” is a webpage that can be read in under 5 mins. ✔️ Web Demo for you to see (full disclosure has not been working recently) ✔️ #Github for you to replicate (assuming you have access to LLaMA) Result: 18k⭐s in 3 weeks

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