Do inauspicious days influence child birth date selection?

Part 0 Part 1 Part 2 We stir the data-pile a bit more this time around. We start with the question - does a certain portion of the population avoid inauspicious days through appropriately chosen C-Section slots? I did some digging and it’s pretty hard to map out all the inauspicious times over 2012-15. In any case we don’t...

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What Amit & Pooja decide to call their kids (Part 2) (Delhi Schools - 3/n)

Story so far: Part 0  Part 1 Getting straight to it: Girls vs Women 8% of girls in the 2013-15 cohort have their name starting with AA ~25% of all girls have a name starting with the letter A SA continues to be the perennial favourite (5.5% in the 2013-15 cohort and 5.2% with the mums) Names starting with NE and SH hav...

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