Why do I need TaxGPT when I have ChatGPT?


William the Outlaw

One common & recurrent idea amongst ChatGPT evangelists is that

But you can just ask ChatGPT. Why do you need a separate tool on top of it?

For instance can’t I just do this?

Asking ChatGPT about HUF

The answer is NO!

Asking ChatGPT about HUF

To explain why let me use an illustration:
Here is me asking ChatGPT about a series of books written by the late Richmal Crompton called “Just William”


Asking ChatGPT about HUF

Looks impressive.
You can check out this site which is a society of Crompton’s fans presided by her next of kin: (http://www.justwilliam.co.uk/page-bibliography1st.htm) to see the ACTUAL list of books. There are many many mistakes and inconsistencies in the list that ChatGPT has produced.

Let’s get specific

Asking ChatGPT about HUF

I specifically chose William the Outlaw because the book is not yet out of copyright. It’s contents page is available on Google Books though.

Asking ChatGPT about HUF

With complete confidence GPT has hallucinated the contents page for this book which has zero basis in fact.

And finally the icing on the cake. A completely fictional summary of a chapter that doesn’t exist, peppered with just enough red herrings to imply reality. For instance, Hubert Lane is a real character from the series and is indeed William’s nemesis.

Asking ChatGPT about HUF


ChatGPT is capable of extremely convincing, complex hallucinations and is unreliable when it comes to answering factual questions without being guided to focus on specific context.

And no. ChatGPT <> TaxGPT.