Truchet Tiling - Diverse Patterns from simple building blocks


I’m generally interested in tiling problems & knot theory.
This amazing gif from @wavegrower drew me deep into the #truchet rabbithole.

The atomic element of this tiling is a single tile comprised of 2 opposing quarter circles

and its mirror image

Simple alternating tilings of these 2 atomic tiles A & B creates a whole host of unimaginably complex variations.

Starting with “As Galore” or a “Bull Wave”:

“Bs Galore” aka “Bear Wave”:

“AB x N” or a “Regular Wave”:

“ABAB|BABA” aka “Circles”:

“AABB|BBAA” aka Zippers:

“AABB|ABBA|BAAB|BBAA” aka Flowers:

“AABB|AABB|BBBB|BBBB” aka Pop Tarts:

X Marks the Spot:


Hat Stands: