Maps & Mondrian


Kiddo is obsessed with art & painting and she learnt about the simple use of primary colours - Rothko and Mondrian in school today.

I have a naive child-like love for Mondrian. Even if you don’t know who Mondrian is you will have seen his highly recognizable work.

Piet Mondrian abstract painting Tableau I, from 1921

Tableau 1 - Courtesy: Wikimedia

Piet Mondrian abstract painting Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, 1930

Composition II - Courtesy: Wikimedia

I also recently encountered this wonderful piece of work which you can buy from Amazon which sets up the world map in a wonderful nod to Mondrian. The artist Michael Tompsett does some amazing map work and you can see his work here:

Mondrian - Michael Tompsett

This picture really bothered me and it took me a while to place a finger on it.

Mondrian allows for THREE primary colours to be used whereas the Four Colour Theorem suggests that this might not be possible for all maps.

Indeed careful observation suggests that many liberties have been taken with the world map to make this work.

Paying homage to Piet Mondrian & Michael Tompsett then is this 4 colour version of the map of mainland India by yours truly. Some day I hope to write code to do this correctly and elegantly but this is all I have for now.